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Additionally, BSG's information systems track and automatically replenish inventory levels on a weekly basis, enabling BSG to maintain sufficient levels of product in stock. BSG's primary focus is to provide a comprehensive selection of branded products to the salon professional at competitive prices. BSG is also the exclusive source for certain well-known third-party branded products pursuant to BSG's exclusive arrangements with certain suppliers within specified geographic territories.

Increasing our distribution of well-known brands is an important aspect of our growth strategy for BSG, and BSG has recently acquired distribution rights for important brands in new geographies and extended contracts with several key existing vendors. We believe that carrying an extensive selection of branded merchandise is critical to maintaining relationships with our professional customers.

The following table sets forth the approximate percentage of BSG's sales attributable by major product category:. BSG's marketing program is designed primarily to promote its extensive selection of brand name products at competitive prices and to educate, motivate and empower its customers to grow professionally. BSG communicates on a frequent basis with its customers and potential customers, and distributes promotional material through multiple communication channels, including trade shows, educational events, store personnel, professional distributor sales consultants, print mail, e-mail, text and social media.

In addition, we offer an average of 15, SKUs primarily in the U. We believe that our websites enhance our other efforts intended to promote awareness of BSG's products by salons, salon professionals and retail customers, as appropriate. These classes are held at BSG stores and led by manufacturer-employed educators. Salon professionals, after paying a small fee to attend, can learn about new products and beauty trends. We believe these classes also increase brand awareness and potentially drive sales in BSG stores.

Furthermore, our recent improvements to our CRM capabilities have enabled us to more effectively communicate with our BSG customers. Loxa Beauty. BSG's www. Loxa Beauty enables consumers to receive expert advice online from salon professionals of their choice while crediting the chosen salon professional with any resulting product sale.

The salon professionals are able to assist their client in the selection of the best salon products for their clients' particular needs while earning sales commissions when their clients order products using the Loxa Beauty website. We believe that this sales channel has good growth potential for BSG over the next several years. BSG stores are primarily located in secondary strip shopping centers resulting in relatively lower operational costs per square foot than our retail stores.

Although BSG stores are located in visible and convenient locations, we believe salon professionals are generally less sensitive about store location than our retail customers. The following table provides a history of BSG's store count including franchised stores during the last three fiscal years:. Competitive Strengths. We believe the following competitive strengths differentiate us from our competitors and will help drive our future growth:.

Our leading channel positions and multi-channel platform afford us several advantages, including strong positioning with suppliers, the ability to better service the highly fragmented beauty supply marketplace, economies of scale and the ability to capitalize on the ongoing consolidation in our sector. Through our multi-channel platform, we are able to generate and grow revenues across broad, diversified geographies, and customer segments using varying product assortments.

Differentiated Customer Value Proposition. We believe that we offer our customers a strong value proposition based on providing salon-quality products and solutions at attractive prices that is unique from our competitors. Our stores are conveniently located and offer a wide selection of professional beauty products including leading third-party branded and exclusive-label merchandise , high levels of in-stock merchandise, beauty solutions and know-how delivered by our knowledgeable salespeople and competitive pricing.

We also offer a comprehensive selection of ethnic products, which is tailored by store, based on market demographics and category performance. We believe that the wide selection of these products at our stores further differentiates Sally Beauty Supply from its competitors. In addition, as discussed above, Sally Beauty Supply also offers a customer loyalty program, the Beauty Club, whereby generally for a nominal annual fee members receive discounts on products, earn rewards and are eligible to receive direct mail and email communications that contain special offers, beauty tips, and new product information.

Our BSG professional distributor sales consultants benefit from their customers having access to the BSG store systems as customers have the ability to pick up the products they need between visits from our professional distributor sales consultants. We believe that our differentiated customer value proposition and strong brands drive customer loyalty and high repeat traffic, contributing to our success and growth.

Attractive Store Economics. We believe that our stores generate attractive returns on invested capital. Our Sally Beauty stores average approximately 1, square feet and BSG stores average approximately 2, square feet in size in the U. Strong average sales per square foot combined with minimal staffing requirements, lower rent and other occupancy costs and expenses and limited initial capital outlay typically result in positive contribution margins within a few months to a year of opening, and cash payback on investment within approximately two to three years.

Due to such attractive investment returns and relatively high operating profit contributions per store, during the past five fiscal years Sally Beauty Supply and BSG have opened an aggregate of and net new stores, respectively, excluding the effect of acquisitions. In addition, over the past two years, we have refreshed approximately 1, Sally Beauty stores in the U.

Our Strategy. We believe there are significant opportunities to increase our sales and profitability through the further implementation of our operating strategy and by growing our store base in existing and additional geographic areas, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. Key elements of our growth strategy are to:.

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Over the past year, we have implemented a number of initiatives designed to significantly improve the customer experience at Sally Beauty Supply and BSG in an effort to attract new customers to our stores and improve sales productivity at our existing stores. For example, as part of these initiatives we upgraded key merchandising sections across our U.

Sally Beauty stores, including by installing an interactive "nail studios" display and a color education center. We have recently reset key merchandising sections across our Sally Beauty stores in the U. In addition, we have installed new hardwood floors, LED lighting and updated signage at approximately 1, of our U. In addition to these physical store improvements, we also focused our marketing efforts on a consistent marketing campaign designed to touch our customer through every medium they engage in and by, among other things, leveraging our CRM programs to more effectively communicate with our customers, including by tailoring our marketing efforts to reach a wider selection of prospective customers and otherwise promoting recognition of the "Sally" brand among consumers.

We believe that these initiatives will help drive increased customer traffic to our stores and increase their sales productivity. In addition to these strategic initiatives, we also plan to grow same store sales by improving our merchandise mix, introducing new products including third-party brands and exclusive-label products , growing our sales of exclusive-label products and enhancing our customer loyalty programs. To grow sales and increase customer loyalty in Sally Beauty Supply, we intend to continue to develop and introduce exclusive-label products through product innovation, to continue to introduce new third-party products and to promote our wide selection of product offerings at a value.

We believe the enhancements to our customer loyalty programs at Sally Beauty Supply and BSG, will allow us to further collect valuable point-of-sale customer data and to increase our understanding of customers' needs, in an effort to grow sales to existing customers. Expand Our Store Base. During the past five fiscal years, Sally Beauty Supply and BSG have opened an aggregate of and net new stores, respectively, excluding the effect of acquisitions.

Because of the limited initial capital outlay, rapid payback and attractive return on capital, we intend to continue to expand our store base. We believe there are growth opportunities for us to open or acquire additional stores in North America, Europe, and Central and South America. We believe such opportunities are especially strong in Europe, and Central and South America. We expect new store openings in existing and new areas to be an important aspect of our future growth opportunities, and intend to continue our annual organic store growth at approximately 2.

Despite the relatively low opening costs, we may not be able to open all of the new stores we plan to open and any new stores we open may not be profitable, either of which could have a material adverse impact on our financial condition or results of operations. There are several factors that could affect our ability to open and profitably operate new stores, including proximity to existing stores that may reduce the new store's sales or the sales of existing stores.

Grow Internationally. We believe our platform provides us with the foundation to continue to expand internationally. In particular, we are currently focused on profitably growing our business in Europe and in Central and South America. We are also focused on improving our business in each of our non-U. Increase Operating Efficiency and Profitability.

We believe there are opportunities to increase the profitability of our operations by growing our exclusive-label brands, improving sourcing, shifting customer mix, continuing our cost-cutting initiatives and by further expanding our e-commerce channel. We continue to develop and promote our higher margin exclusive-label products and increase exclusive-label product sales, which we believe will enhance our overall gross margins and operating results.

In addition, we have undertaken a full review of our merchandise procurement strategy and continue to focus on our procurement practices. This initiative has helped identify lower-cost alternative sources of supply in certain product categories from countries with lower manufacturing costs. We continue to focus on changing our customer mix by increasing the number of retail customers, as a percentage of total customers, within our stores at Sally Beauty Supply. Sales to retail customers generally result in higher gross margin for us.

We are also focused on growing our online sales. We have upgraded our e-commerce platforms over the past year to transform these platforms from largely transactional-based sites to more content-rich sites to drive traffic to these sites and improve sales from these sites. We believe that electronic commerce, or e-commerce, will help drive improved operating earnings over the long term, as a percentage of net sales, for both business segments since e-commerce generally lacks the incremental operating expenses including rent and other occupancy expenses, payroll, and certain shipping and.

We have completed more than 40 acquisitions during our last 10 full fiscal years. We believe that our experience in identifying attractive acquisition targets, our proven acquisition integration process and our highly scalable infrastructure have created a strong platform for potential future acquisitions.

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Recent acquisitions have included:. We intend to continue to identify and evaluate acquisition targets and organic growth opportunities both domestically and internationally, with a focus on expanding our exclusive BSG territories and allowing Sally Beauty Supply to enter new geographic areas, principally outside the U. Although there are a limited number of direct competitors to our business, the beauty industry is highly competitive.

In each geographic area in which we operate, we experience competition from domestic and international businesses often with more resources, including mass merchandisers, on-line retailers, drug stores, supermarkets and other chains offering similar or substitute beauty products at comparable prices. Our business also faces competition from department stores, as well as from authorized and unauthorized retailers and internet sites offering professional beauty products. In addition, our business competes with local and regional open-line beauty supply stores and full-service distributors selling directly to salons and salon professionals through both professional distributor sales consultants and outlets open only to salons and salon professionals.

Our business also faces increasing competition from certain manufacturers that use their own sales forces to distribute their professional beauty products directly or that align themselves with our competitors. Some of these manufacturers are vertically integrating through the acquisition of distributors and stores. In addition, these manufacturers may acquire additional brands that we currently distribute and attempt to shift these products to their own distribution channels.

Customer Service. We strive to complement our extensive merchandise selection and innovative store design with superior customer service. We actively recruit individuals with cosmetology experience that are not only knowledgeable about the products we sell, but are able to deliver practical beauty advice and solutions to our customers, which we believe strengthens customer loyalty.

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Additionally, Sally Beauty Supply recruits individuals with retail experience because we believe their general retail knowledge can be leveraged in the beauty supply industry. We believe that employees' knowledge of the products and ability to demonstrate and explain the advantages of the products increases sales and that their prompt, knowledgeable service fosters the confidence and loyalty of customers and differentiates our business from other professional beauty supply distributors.

Most of our stores are staffed with a store manager, and two or three full-time or part-time sales associates. BSG stores are generally also staffed with an assistant manager. The operations of each store are supervised by a district manager, who reports to a territory manager. A significant number of our store managers and assistant store managers are licensed in the cosmetology field. Additionally, in certain geographic areas in the U. We believe that these skills enhance our store personnel's ability to serve our customers.

Relationships with Suppliers. We purchase our merchandise directly from manufacturers through supply contracts and by purchase orders. Such manufacturers could discontinue sales to us at any time or upon short notice. If any of these suppliers discontinued selling or were unable to continue selling to us, there could be a material adverse effect on our business and results of operations. As is typical in the distribution businesses, relationships with suppliers are subject to change from time to time including the expansion or loss of distribution rights in various geographies and the addition or loss of product lines.

There can be no assurances as to the impact, if any, that this acquisition will have on our ability to continue to source products from these divisions at current prices and volumes. Changes in our relationships with suppliers occur often, and could positively or negatively impact our net sales and operating earnings. Our purchasing and distribution system is designed to minimize the delivered cost of merchandise and maximize the level of merchandise in-stock in stores. This distribution system also allows for monitoring of. Product deliveries are typically made to our stores on a weekly basis, primarily in the U.

Each distribution center has a quality control department that monitors products received from suppliers. We utilize proprietary software systems to provide computerized warehouse locator and inventory support. Information Technology Systems. Our information technology systems are essential to our efforts to process customer sales transactions, manage inventory levels, conduct business with our suppliers and other business partners, and record, summarize and analyze the results of our operations.

These systems contain, among other things, material operational, financial and administrative information related to the marketing, distribution and store operations functions of our business.

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The information contained in our information technology systems, among other things, supports processing of customer payments and automatic replenishment of in-store inventory, and provides support for product purchase decisions. A significant portion of these systems have been developed internally, and as a result our options are limited in seeking third-party assistance with the operation and upgrade of these systems.

The expansion of our systems and infrastructure will require us to commit substantial financial, operational and technical resources in advance of any increase in the volume of our business, with no assurance that the volume of business will increase. For example, we are in the process of implementing a standardized enterprise resource planning "ERP" system for both our domestic and international operations over the next few years, which will integrate legacy systems and provide enhanced functionality.

In addition, we recently implemented a point-of-sale system upgrade in our Sally Beauty Supply operations in the U. Further, following the previously disclosed data security incidents, we have taken and are continuing to take actions to further strengthen the security of our information technology systems, including a recent initiative to adopt payment terminals with end-to-end encryption technology in order to enhance the security of our credit card payment systems.

We have also taken steps to upgrade our e-commerce platforms and improve the sophistication of our CRM technology. These and any other required upgrades to our information systems and information technology or new technology , now or in the future, may require significant costs and divert our management's attention and other resources from our core business to assist in completion of these projects.

There can be no assurance that the time and resources our management will need to devote to these upgrades, service outages or delays due to the installation of any new or upgraded technology and customer issues therewith , or the impact on the reliability or security of our data from any new or upgraded technology will not have a material adverse effect on our financial reporting, business, financial condition or results of operations.

In addition, as part of our operations, we receive and maintain information about our customers, employees and other third parties. We have physical, technical and procedural safeguards in place that are designed to protect information and protect against security and data breaches as well as fraudulent transactions and other activities. Despite these safeguards and our other security processes and protections, we have been a victim of cyber-attacks and data security breaches, including breaches that resulted in the unauthorized installation of malware on our information technology systems that may have placed at risk certain payment card data for some transactions.

Furthermore, there can be no assurances that we will not suffer another cyber-attack or data security breach in the future and, if we do, whether our physical, technical and procedural safeguards will adequately protect us against such attacks and breaches. The following table sets forth certain information about the Company's employees:. Certain subsidiaries in Mexico have collective bargaining agreements covering warehouse and store personnel which expire at various times over the next several years.

We believe that we have good relationships with our employees worldwide. We are subject to a wide variety of laws and regulations, which historically have not had a material effect on our business. For example, in the U. The transportation and disposal of many of our products are also subject to federal and state regulation. State and local agencies regulate many aspects of our business.

In marketplaces outside of the U. As a result of these franchisor-franchisee relationships, we are subject to regulation when offering and selling franchises in the applicable countries. The applicable laws and regulations affect our business practices, as franchisor, in a number of ways, including restrictions placed upon the offering, renewal, termination and disapproval of assignment of franchises. To date, these laws and regulations have not had a material effect upon our operations. Trademarks and Other Intellectual Property Rights. Our trademarks, certain of which are material to our business, are registered or legally protected in the U.

Together with our subsidiaries, we own approximately trademark registrations in the U. We also rely upon trade secrets and know-how to develop and maintain our competitive position. We protect intellectual property rights through a variety of methods, including reliance upon trademark, patent and trade secret laws and confidentiality agreements with many vendors, employees, consultants and others who have access to our proprietary information.

The duration of our trademark. The scope and duration of intellectual property protection varies by jurisdiction and by individual product. Access to Public Filings. The information found on our website shall not be considered to be part of this or any other report filed with or furnished to the SEC. The SEC maintains an internet site that contains our reports, proxy and information statements, and other information that we file electronically with the SEC at www.

ITEM 1A. The following describes risks that we believe to be material to our business. If any of the following risks or uncertainties actually occurs, our business, financial condition and operating results could be materially and adversely affected. This report also contains forward-looking statements and the following risks could cause our actual results to differ materially from those anticipated in such forward-looking statements.

Risks Relating to Our Business. The beauty products distribution industry is highly competitive and is consolidating. The beauty products distribution industry is highly fragmented and competitive, and there are few significant barriers to entry into the marketplaces for most of the types of products and services we sell.

Sally Beauty Supply competes with other domestic and international beauty product wholesale and retail outlets, including local and regional open line beauty supply stores, professional-only beauty supply stores, salons, mass merchandisers, on-line retailers, drug stores and supermarkets. BSG competes with other domestic and international beauty product wholesale and retail suppliers and with manufacturers selling professional beauty products directly to salons and individual salon professionals. We also face competition from authorized and unauthorized retailers as well as e-commerce retailers offering professional salon-only and other products.

The availability of diverted professional salon products in unauthorized large format retail stores such as drug stores, grocery stores and others could also have a negative impact on our business. The primary competitive factors in the beauty products distribution industry are the price at which we purchase branded and exclusive-label products from manufacturers and the price at which we resell them to our customers, the quality, perceived value, consumer brand name recognition, packaging and mix of the products we sell, customer service, the efficiency of our distribution network, and the availability of desirable store locations.

Competitive conditions may limit our ability to maintain prices or may require us to reduce prices in efforts to retain business or channel share. Some of our competitors have greater financial and other resources than we do and are less leveraged than our business, and may therefore be able to spend more aggressively on advertising and promotional activities and respond more.

We expect existing competitors, business partners and new entrants to the beauty products distribution industry to constantly revise or improve their business models in response to challenges from competing businesses, including ours. If these competitors introduce changes or developments that we cannot address in a timely or cost-effective manner, our business may be adversely affected. In addition, our industry is consolidating, which may give our competitors increased negotiating leverage with suppliers and greater marketing resources, resulting in a more effective ability to compete with us.

For instance, we may lose customers if those competitors which have broad geographic reach attract additional salons individual and chain that are currently BSG customers, or if professional beauty supply manufacturers align themselves with our competitors. For example, one of BSG's largest suppliers, L'Oreal, has been able to shift a material amount of revenue out of the BSG nationwide distribution network and into its own regional distribution networks that compete with us.

L'Oreal directly competes with BSG and there can be no assurance that there will not be further revenue losses over time at BSG, due to potential losses of additional L'Oreal related products as well as from the increased competition from L'Oreal-affiliated distribution networks. If L'Oreal or another direct competitor were to acquire or otherwise merge with another manufacturer which conducts business with BSG, and L'Oreal or such other direct competitor decided to distribute products from that manufacturer using its own distribution network, we could lose revenue from the sale of these products as well.

Not only does consolidation in distribution pose risks from competing distributors, but it may also place more leverage in the hands of those manufacturers, resulting in smaller margins on products sold through our network. If we are unable to compete effectively in our marketplace or if competitors divert our customers away from our networks, it would adversely impact our business, financial condition and results of operations.

We may be unable to anticipate and effectively respond to changes in consumer preferences and buying trends in a timely manner. Our success depends in part on our ability to anticipate, gauge and react in a timely manner to changes in consumer spending patterns and preferences for specific beauty products.

If we do not timely identify and properly respond to evolving trends and changing consumer demands for beauty products in the geographies in which we compete, our sales may decline significantly. Furthermore, we may accumulate additional inventory and be required to mark down unsold inventory to prices that are significantly lower than normal prices, which would adversely impact our margins and could further adversely impact our business, financial condition and results of operations.

The development and promotion of these exclusive-label brands and products often occur well before these products are sold in our stores. As a result, the success of these exclusive-label brands and products is largely dependent on our ability to develop brands and products that meet future consumer preferences at prices that are acceptable to our customers. Furthermore, we may have to spend a significant amount on the advertising and marketing of our exclusive-label brands to drive customer awareness of these brands. There can be no assurance that any new exclusive-label brand or product will meet consumer preferences, gain acceptance among our customer base or generate sales to become profitable or to cover the costs of its development and promotion, which would also adversely impact our margins and could adversely impact our business, financial condition and results of operations.

In addition, we depend on our inventory management and information technology systems in order to replenish inventories and deliver products to store locations in response to customer demands. Any systems-related problems could result in difficulties satisfying the demands of customers which, in turn, could adversely affect our sales and profitability.

In addition, our failure to manage inventory levels appropriately during any period could adversely affect our results of operations and profitability. We also rely on vendor relationships to provide us with access to the latest beauty products that meet the changing demands of our customers. If we are unable to maintain these relationships, our ability to meet these. We expect continuously changing fashion-related trends and consumer tastes to influence future demand for beauty products. Changes in consumer tastes and fashion trends can have an impact on our financial performance.

Our future success depends in part on our ability to successfully implement our strategic initiatives to improve the customer experience, attract new customers and improve the sales productivity of our stores. In fiscal year , we began the implementation of a number of strategic initiatives designed to improve the customer experience at Sally Beauty Supply and BSG in an effort to attract new customers to our stores, improve sales productivity at our existing stores and effectively compete with our competitors.

As part of these initiatives, we have refreshed approximately 1, of our Sally Beauty stores in the U. We intend to continue these physical improvements in our stores in the fiscal year In addition to these physical store improvements, we also focused our marketing efforts on a consistent marketing campaign designed to touch our customer through every medium they engage in and by leveraging our CRM programs to more effectively communicate with our customers. There can be no assurance that these strategic initiatives will attract new customers to our stores or improve sales productivity at our existing stores.

Furthermore, we are investing significant resources in these initiatives and the costs of the initiatives may outweigh their benefits. If these strategic initiatives are not successful, our same store sales will suffer and our growth prospects, financial results, profitability and cash flows will also be adversely impacted. We are not certain that our ongoing cost control plans will continue to be successful.

Our ability to grow profitably depends in large part on our ability to successfully control or reduce our operating expenses. In furtherance of this strategy, we have engaged in ongoing activities to reduce or control costs, some of which are complicated and require us to expend significant resources to implement. Despite these cost control plans, we anticipate that our labor and rental costs will continue to increase for the foreseeable future as we compete for talent and attractive retail locations with other retailers.

Furthermore, we have also made significant investments in our strategic initiatives, including our store refresh initiatives and various marketing initiatives, which have resulted in cost increases in recent periods. While we expect these costs to diminish in future periods, such costs may continue at elevated levels for future periods.

We cannot assure you that our strategic initiatives and cost control efforts will result in the increased profitability, cost savings or other benefits that we expect, which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations. Our comparable store sales and quarterly financial performance may fluctuate for a variety of reasons. Our comparable store sales, which we refer to as same store sales, and quarterly results of operations have fluctuated in the past and we expect them to continue to fluctuate in the future.

A variety of factors affect our comparable store sales and quarterly financial performance, including:. Accordingly, our results for any one fiscal quarter are not necessarily indicative of the results to be expected for any other quarter, and comparable store sales for any particular future period may not continue to increase at the same rates as we have recently experienced and may even decrease, which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.

We depend upon manufacturers who may be unable to provide products of adequate quality or who may be unwilling to continue to supply products to us. We do not manufacture any products we sell, and instead purchase our products from recognized brand manufacturers and private label fillers. We depend on a limited number of manufacturers for a significant percentage of the products we sell.

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If minimum purchase requirements are not met, we do not have contractual assurances of continued supply. In lieu of termination, a manufacturer may also change the terms upon which it sells, for example, by raising prices or broadening distribution to third parties. For these and other reasons, we may not be able to acquire desired merchandise in sufficient quantities or on acceptable terms in the future.

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Changes in Sally Beauty Supply's and BSG's relationships with suppliers occur often, and could positively or negatively impact the net sales and operating earnings of both business segments. These suppliers may offer advantages, such as lower prices, when their products are purchased from distribution channels they control.

If our access to supplier-provided products were to diminish relative to our competitors or we were not able to purchase products at the same prices as our competitors, our business could be materially and adversely affected. Also, consolidation among suppliers may increase their negotiating leverage, thereby providing them with competitive advantages that may increase our costs and reduce our revenues, adversely affecting our business, financial condition and results of operations.

Therefore, there can be no assurance that the impact of these developments, if they were to occur, will not adversely impact revenue to a greater degree than we currently expect or that our efforts to mitigate the impact of these developments will be successful. If the impact of these developments is greater than we expect or our efforts to mitigate the impact of these developments are not successful, this could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition or results of operations.

Although we plan to mitigate the negative effects resulting from potential unfavorable changes in our relationships with suppliers, there can be no assurance that our efforts will partially or completely offset the loss of these distribution rights. Any significant interruption in the supply of products by manufacturers and fillers could disrupt our ability to deliver merchandise to our stores and customers in a timely manner, which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.

Manufacturers and exclusive-label fillers of beauty supply products are subject to certain risks that could adversely impact their ability to provide us with their products on a timely basis, including inability to procure ingredients, industrial accidents, environmental events, strikes and other labor disputes, union organizing activity, disruptions in logistics or information systems, loss or impairment of key manufacturing sites, product quality control, safety, licensing requirements and other regulatory issues, as well as natural disasters and other external factors over which neither they nor we have control.

In addition, we directly source many of our exclusive-label products, including, but not limited to, styling tools, salon equipment, sundries and other promotional products, from foreign third-party manufacturers and many of our vendors also use overseas sourcing to manufacture some or all of their products. Any event causing a sudden disruption of manufacturing or imports from such foreign countries, including the imposition of additional or increased import restrictions, duties or tariffs, political instability, labor disputes, local business practices, legal or economic restrictions on overseas suppliers' ability to produce and deliver products or acts of war or terrorism, could materially harm our operations to the extent they affect the production, shipment or receipt of merchandise.

Our operating results depend to some extent on the orderly operation of our receiving and distribution processes, which depend on manufacturers' adherence to shipping schedules and our effective management of our distribution facilities and capacity. If a material interruption of supply occurs, or a significant manufacturer or filler ceases to supply us or materially decreases its supply to us, we may not be able to acquire products with similar quality and consumer brand name recognition as the products we currently sell or to acquire such products in sufficient quantities to meet our customers' demands or on favorable terms to our business, any of which could adversely impact our business, financial condition and results of operations.

Fluctuations in the price, availability and quality of inventory may result in higher cost of goods, which we may not be able to pass on to the customers. Our suppliers are increasingly passing on higher production costs, which may impact our ability to maintain or grow our margins. The price and availability of raw materials may be impacted by demand, regulation, weather and other factors. Additionally, manufacturers have and may continue to have increases in other manufacturing costs, such as transportation, labor and benefit costs. These increases in production costs result in higher merchandise costs to us.

We may not always be able to pass on those cost increases to our customers, which could have a material adverse effect on our results of operations and financial condition. If products sold by us are found to be defective in labeling or content, our credibility and that of the brands we sell may be harmed, marketplace acceptance of our products may decrease, and we may be exposed to liability in excess of our products liability insurance coverage and manufacturer indemnities. We do not control the production process for the products we sell. We may not be able to identify a defect in a product we purchase from a manufacturer or exclusive-label filler before we offer such product for resale.

In many cases, we rely on representations of manufacturers and fillers about the products we purchase for resale regarding the composition, manufacture and safety of the products, as well as the compliance of our product labels with government regulations. Our sale of certain products exposes us to potential product liability claims, recalls or other regulatory or enforcement actions initiated by federal, state or foreign regulatory authorities or through private causes of action. Such claims, recalls or actions could be based on allegations that, among other things, the products sold by us are misbranded, contain contaminants or impermissible ingredients, provide inadequate instructions regarding their use or misuse, or include inadequate warnings concerning flammability or interactions with other substances.

Claims against us could also arise as a result of the misuse by purchasers of such products or as a result of their use in a manner different than the intended use. We may be required to pay for losses or injuries actually or allegedly caused by the products we sell and to recall any product we sell that is alleged to be or is found to be defective.

Any actual defects or allegations of defects in products sold by us could result in adverse publicity and harm our credibility or the credibility of the manufacturer, which could adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations. Although we may have indemnification rights against the manufacturers of many of the products we distribute and rights as an "additional insured" under the manufacturers' insurance policies, it is not certain that any manufacturer or insurer will be financially solvent and capable of making payment to any party suffering loss or injury caused by products sold by us.

Further, some types of actions and penalties, including many actions or penalties imposed by governmental agencies and punitive damages awards, may not be remediable through reliance on indemnity agreements or insurance. Furthermore, potential product liability claims may exceed the amount of indemnity or insurance coverage or be excluded under the terms of an indemnity agreement or insurance policy and claims for indemnity or reimbursement by us may require us to expend significant resources and may take years to resolve. If we are forced to expend significant resources and time to resolve such claims or to pay material amounts to satisfy such claims, it could have an adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.

We could be adversely affected if we do not comply with current laws and regulations or if we become subject to additional or more stringent laws and regulations.

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  7. We are subject to a number of federal, state and local laws and regulations in the U. These laws and regulations govern the composition, packaging, labeling and safety of the products we sell, as well as the methods we use to sell and import these products. Non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations of governmental authorities, including the FDA and similar authorities in other jurisdictions, by us or the manufacturers and fillers of the products sold by us could result in fines, product recalls and enforcement actions, and otherwise restrict our ability to market certain products, which could adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations.

    In addition, the laws and regulations applicable to us or manufacturers of the products sold by us may become more stringent. For example, the State of California, where we operate a number of stores, currently enforces legislation commonly referred to as "Proposition 65" that requires that "clear and reasonable" warnings be given to consumers who are exposed to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. Continued legal compliance with new and existing regulations, such as Proposition 65 and other federal or state-level safe consumer product regulations, could require the review and possible reformulation or relabeling of certain products, as well as the possible removal of some products from the marketplace.

    Failure to comply with these new and existing regulations could result in significant fines or damages, in addition to costs and expenses to defend claims related thereto. Legal compliance could also lead to considerably higher internal regulatory costs. Manufacturers may try to recover some or all of any increased costs of compliance by increasing the prices at which we purchase products, and we may not be able to recover some or all of such increased cost in our own prices to our customers.

    We are also subject to state and local laws and regulations that affect our franchisor-franchisee relationships. Increased compliance costs and the loss of sales of certain products due to more stringent or new laws and regulations could adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations. Laws and regulations impact our business in many areas that have no direct relation to the products we sell.

    For example, as a public company, we are subject to a number of laws and regulations related to the disclosure of financial and other information about us, as well as the issuance and sale of our securities. Another area of intense regulation is that of the relationships we have with our employees, including, for example, compliance with many different wage and hour and nondiscrimination related regulatory schemes and, in the U. Violation of any of the laws or regulations governing our business or the assertion of individual or class-wide claims could have an adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.

    Our e-commerce businesses may be unsuccessful or, if successful, may divert sales from our stores. We offer many of our beauty products for sale through our websites in the U. As a result, we encounter risks and difficulties frequently experienced by internet-based businesses, including risks related to our ability to attract and retain customers on a cost-effective basis and our ability to operate, support, expand and develop our e-commerce operations, websites and software and other related operational systems.

    Although we believe that our participation in both e-commerce and physical store sales is a distinct advantage for us due to synergies and the potential for new customers, supporting product offerings through both of these channels could create issues that have the potential to adversely affect our results of operations. For example, if our e-commerce businesses successfully grow, they may do so in part by attracting existing customers, rather than new customers, who choose to purchase products from us online rather than from our physical stores, thereby reducing the financial performance of our stores.

    In addition, offering different products through each channel could cause conflicts and cause some of our current or potential internet customers to consider competing distributors of beauty products. In addition, offering products through our e-commerce channels particularly directly to consumers through our professional business could cause some of our current or potential vendors to consider competing internet offerings of their products either directly or through competing distributors. As we continue to grow our e-commerce businesses, the impact of attracting existing rather than new customers, of conflicts between product offerings online and through our stores, and of opening up our channels to increased internet competition could have a material adverse impact on our business, financial condition and results of operations, including future growth and same store sales.

    Furthermore, our recent initiatives to upgrade our e-commerce platforms may not be successful in driving traffic to our websites and increasing our online sales in the long term, which could adversely impact our net sales. Diversion of professional products sold by BSG could have an adverse impact on our revenues. The majority of the products that BSG sells, including those sold by our Armstrong McCall franchisees, are meant to be used exclusively by salons and individual salon professionals or sold exclusively to their retail consumers.

    However, despite our efforts to prevent diversion, incidents of product diversion occur, whereby our products are sold by these purchasers and possibly by other bulk purchasers such as franchisees to wholesalers and ultimately to general merchandise retailers, among others.

    These retailers, in turn, sell such products to consumers. The diverted product may be old, tainted or damaged and sold through unapproved outlets, all of which could diminish the value of the particular brand. In addition, such diversion may result in lower net sales for BSG should consumers choose to purchase diverted products from retailers rather than purchasing from our customers, or choose other products altogether because of the perceived loss of brand prestige.

    In the BSG arena, product diversion is generally prohibited under our manufacturers' contracts, and we are often under a contractual obligation to stop selling to salons, salon professionals and other bulk purchasers which engage in product diversion. If we fail to comply with our anti-diversion obligations under these manufacturers' contracts, including any known diversion of products sold through our Armstrong McCall franchisees, these contracts could be adversely affected or even terminated.

    In addition, our investigation and enforcement of our anti-diversion obligations may result in reduced sales to our customer base, thereby decreasing our revenues and profitability. Accordingly, a portion of BSG's financial results is to an extent dependent upon the operational and financial success of these franchisees, including their implementation of BSG's strategic plans. If sales trends or economic conditions worsen for Armstrong McCall's franchisees, their financial results may worsen. Additionally, the failure of Armstrong McCall franchisees to renew their franchise agreements, any requirement that Armstrong McCall restructure its franchise agreements in connection with such renewals, or any failure of Armstrong McCall to meet its obligations under its franchise agreements, could result in decreased revenues for BSG or create legal issues with our franchisees or with manufacturers.

    We may not be able to successfully identify acquisition candidates or successfully complete desirable acquisitions. In the past several years, we have completed multiple acquisitions and we intend to pursue additional acquisitions in the future.

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    7. We actively review acquisition prospects that we believe would complement our existing lines of business, increase the size and geographic scope of our operations or otherwise offer profitable growth and operating efficiency opportunities. There can be no assurance that we will continue to identify suitable acquisition candidates. If suitable candidates are identified, we may be unable to reach agreeable acquisition terms with such candidates or may not have access to sufficient funds to fund such acquisitions.

      We compete against many other companies, some of which are larger and have greater financial and other resources than we do. Increased competition for acquisition candidates could result in fewer acquisition opportunities and higher acquisition prices. In addition, we are highly leveraged and the agreements governing our indebtedness contain limits on our ability to incur additional debt to pay for acquisitions. We may be unable to finance acquisitions that would increase our growth or improve our financial and competitive position.

      To the extent that debt financing is available to finance acquisitions, our net indebtedness could increase as a result of any acquisitions. Internationally, regulatory requirements, trade barriers and due diligence difficulties, among other considerations, make acquiring suitable foreign candidates more difficult, time-consuming and expensive. If we acquire any businesses in the future, they could prove difficult to integrate, disrupt our business or have an adverse effect on our results of operations.

      Any acquisitions that we do make may be difficult to integrate profitably into our business and may entail numerous risks, including:. In addition, during the acquisition process, we may fail or be unable to discover some of the liabilities of businesses that we acquire. These liabilities may result from a prior owner's noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations. Acquired businesses may also not perform as we expect or we may not be able to obtain the expected financial improvements in the acquired businesses. If we are unable to profitably open and operate new stores, our business, financial condition and results of operations may be adversely affected.

      Our future growth strategy depends in part on our ability to open and profitably operate new stores in existing and additional geographic areas and, more specifically, in international geographies as international growth becomes an increasing driver of our future growth. Despite these relatively low opening costs, we may not be able to open all of the new stores we plan to open and any new stores we open may not be profitable, either of which could have a material adverse impact on our financial condition or results of operations.

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