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Celestial Nights—the event honoring an age-old tale of a love eternal and true—will soon be here! In a reprise of last year's festivities, the royal couple of legend, Princess Amdina and Prince Yahiko, will return to the streets of all three nations. Come one, come all, to bear witness as a love thought forever lost is reclaimed! Read on for the heart-rending details. GMT and conclude on Wednesday, July 8 at a. Mog Bonanza Winning Numbers Announced! Ladies and Gentlemen!

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From today, the winning numbers will be announced via a system message upon logging into the game. So what are you waiting for? Log in and check the winning numbers now!

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If you happen to be one of the lucky winners, speak to a Bonanza Moogle at one of the following locations while in possession of the winning marble or marbles! Campaign Gets Reinforcements! Brave warriors of the Allied Forces of Altana, heed these words! New battlefields and new orders await you with the coming of the new version update. Your mission will not be easy, but rest assured that you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. If you would take up arms for the cause, you may read on for your briefing. We will be attending the Japan Expo in Paris between the 2nd and 5th of July.

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  5. Come and visit our booth, where we will be selling official Square Enix merchandise. The Japan Expo, reaching its 10th anniversary this year, is an annual event focused on celebrating all aspects of Japanese culture, from traditional music and clothing to modern pop culture; including film, manga, anime and games. For more information, click here.

    We're pleased to announce that all submissions to the 7th Anniversary Fan Art Contest are now available for your viewing pleasure! This year's edition of the contest attracted a whopping four hundred entries from fans the world over. With so many varied interpretations of this year's 7th Anniversary theme, there is bound to be something among the scores of masterpieces that will tug at your heartstrings!

    We encourage one and all to admire and be inspired by the artwork born from the hands of your fellow adventurers! The advent of gyro controls brought Miyamoto a new opportunity to unify the industry, he joked; but in all seriousness, he liked the idea of using the 3DS as a viewfinder, moving it through space.

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    For Star Fox 64 3D , he felt that it worked most well to move the series up and down for vertical movement, but use the slide pad to steer side-to-side. Gyro controls were apparently more interesting a topic, though, so we got back to that one fairly quickly. Series producer Eiji Aonuma took over at this point, with Nate Bihldorff playing the game. Apparently, there was actually a push to make the Water Temple easier through level design, but Aonuma defended it vehemently, saying that there was nothing wrong with the temple, only the difficulty of removing and replacing the iron boots—he considers that problem fully solved thanks to the addition of the touch-control item menu in Ocarina 3D.

    Moving on to Skyward Sword , we went through a couple demos on the Japanese version of the game. These guardians come to life when Link walks outside his safe zone, and return to resting position when he collects a droplet. There are a large number of droplets scattered all over large area. Link needed to display a lot of dexterity, leaping across gaps in ivy-covered walls and running up hills, to get them—particularly as he was being pursued, requiring the use of judicious dashing. Alas, Mr. Bihldorff was not quite judicious enough, and was eventually taken down. The key to these and other sequences was to know the area well.

    The game is a return to a more traditional Mario world, we were told as Bihldorff played the game for us. Koizumi said Galaxy had afforded him the opportunity to really be experimental and explore Mario, learning about the tempo and excitement of the game—and Super Mario had indeed learned from those experiments even as it returns to the past.

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    At that point, Bihldorff missed a key jump and would have fallen to his death were it not for the suit—but he was able to use it and some wall jumps to get back up again, to applause from the audience. The suit was intended to give amateur players landing, but—as Bihldorff demonstrated—could also be used by skilled players to great effect.

    There were a lot of 3D props being shown off in the demo that we unfortunately could not see on the big screens, but it was pretty easy to tell where they were—using our imaginations, it was almost as good. Super Mario on 3DS afforded the developers new opportunities to really show things coming out of the background, which was difficult to do before; we saw this extensively with things like spiked skewers and Cheep-Cheeps. There was also a special top-down level created as an homage to Zelda for its 25th anniversary that we could tell would look really good in 3D, with many things like lava geysers shooting up out of the screen as well as some trampoline platforms that, in the top-down environment, must have looked very impressive as Mario soared to great heights.

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    The gameplay footage showed a few things from the floor demo as well as levels where Luigi works with Toad to accomplish some goals such as finding ghosts that can only be seen in mirrors. More to the point, though, he said that the built-in software was supposed to fill this role somewhat for the people who were not necessarily interested in the franchise entries being made and released now. The DS was also a more experimental system, Miyamoto added, noting that the software naturally followed the fact that they had a new play style, with dual screens and a touch screen, to introduce and explore.

    With that said, titles with broader appeal were in the works, and announcements would come later on those. Koizumi also jumped in here to follow up on Galaxy, saying that it was made in part as a fulfillment of his dream as a boy of flying around in space—and noted that the new Super Mario was free from that sort of thing. That said, many Nintendo partners are still working on Wii titles and more announcements are forthcoming from Nintendo on that front.

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    Aonuma interjected that he wants to make Skyward Sword a title worthy of sending Wii off with. Koizumi said that the tempo has changed somewhat to help maintain an accurate feel to the game, but he said that he was striving to keep Mario both fast and accurate, and still challenging. The Vitality Sensor was also asked about. Miyamoto said they have found it rather difficult to make the device stable, and as such have not brought it to market. The final question brought was a doubleheader, about the Tanooki suit in Super Mario.

    Flying does cause issues in 3D, they said, so the feature was not put into the game, quite simply. For the second half of the question, Miyamoto called up long-time collaborator Takashi Tezuka—a real treat. Tezuka said that when designing Super Mario Bros.

    Once he had one, though, the ideas just flowed from there. He noted he wanted to make it for its 10th anniversary, but simply could not. Maybe, he said, we could expect to not have to wait very long for it, since work has already been done for it. But, he noted, they are not officially making any game announcements at all for Wii U at this point. So all we can do for those little guys at this point is hope. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Don't Miss. After its worst quarter ever, where Sony Mobile shipped less than 1 million smartphones for the first time, the future looks decidedly bleak.

    Posted 1 day ago — By Simon Hill.