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Also, having the strip port on the left hand side if hard to use. Finally, the lancet device is large and loud! Overall, we like and it will continue to use it, but would like to see some improvements!! I hope they take into consideration all of these comments by diabetics who use this product every day. For the most part I liked the meter loved the size and the easier to read screen! The old meter is simple for a child to use, push in strip and add blood.

The new meter you have to push a few more buttons and I am afraid she will forget to do it she is 8 years old. I will stick with the old meter for now. I agree with alot of the above. My complaint is that it is not made for lefties and the case is just too small. Medtronic pump user…almost 13 years. The strip container is way too bulky, the pouch is too small to hold the 3 items its made to hold….. It is much easier to carry around and easy to use.. Love the new size. Overall a big LIKE! The strip container is way too big.

I usually store other diabetic items in my tester case and this one does not allow that. I use my old one more often than the Contour. I really dislike this new one! I see in all the comments that the main complaint is the case. I just put everything in a bigger case that I had from a previous tester and viola!!

I agree with everyone about the case being too small and the vial being too large. I ended up transferring my strips to a smaller vial so it fits better. I also hate the fact that I am right handed and the meter is more for a left handed person. The only real advantages to me are that it links to my pump and is easy to use at night. But if the readings are way off, why use it?

I have lived with diabetes for over 65 years, and this tiny little glucose meter is the best thang ever except my insulin pump! I have seen lots of changes since i was diagnosed way back in A small glucose meter over having to oil my urine, what an improvement! Thank you all for your comments. Susan, for clarification on your question I recommend contacting Bayer support directly at 1.

This is all great discussion! Regarding your last bullet point, I feel the meter is now too small. It is hard to hold because it is so thin. Because of its thinness, the meter has to be turned from a vertical to a horizontal position to read the results. While I can deal with the meter being small, the case is too small for the meter, test strips, and poker. Anyone else having trouble reading the meter screen when outside? I need to be able to check my blood sugars when biking or walking. Almost impossible to read the screen — never had this problem with other meters.

Sine I have been a T1 for 46 yrs. I have become very particular in the products I use. I have been considering the change to the new Contour meter. The biggest reason I have not yet made the change is the reliability of results. After reading a lot of negative comments related to the reliability, I am convinced my gut feeling is correct.

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My copayment for my current test strips is not cheap, but I trust its tests results. I like a convenient meter case. It is not my job to find a case to fit correctly. I will not be changing until test results are proven reliable. Not on my radar until Bayer hires a T1 engineer to design the case. And the price of the strips has to be palatable. Thanks all, for helping me make my decision. Adrina — some products work better for different people.

I personally use an old meter case from another company, a different lancing device from yet another, and actually put my strips in an old smaller strip case from yet another. Who knows, you may actually like the case. It seems half the time I forget to send to the pump then it takes twice as long to take a bolus or figure if I need a correction. I really like the new Contour next meter. You just have to set it up to automatically send the results to the pump. The only thing I do not like about the meter is that the case is too small for the strips container.

If it were a little larger, or the strip case a little smaller, it would be great. I also do not like that the strip entrance point is on the left- although I suppose that lefties will be happy that finally something was designed for them. I agree with those who dislike this meter. This meter simply does not do that. I have to take it out of the case to use it. I have to send the big reading to the pump. The case is impractical. I immediately went back to my old lancet. The only thing good about it is it works. Everyone is right the case stinks!

Thanks for the feedback, Tony! If you have any more questions or need help please just let me know. I work outside and exercise outside. There is one big problem with the meter you can not read the meter in day light. If you have small childern at sporting or other outside events take a meter you can read outside. I agree with most of the comments the case is too small and the strip vial is too large the case will hardly zip up.

I like the rechargeable batt. The meter is acceptable, except there are problems. I have to wait until the reading is sent to the pump, and then read it on the pump which is easily read outside.

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And the worse thing is the case. Who would have designed something like that? The strip vial is too large — I transfer the strips to my old meter vial, which is smaller, otherwise I could never zip the case shut. Thank you all for your additional comments. I really like the Contour Next Link meter. I got mine with my new medtronic insulin pump. I was excited that it came with a sample of strips too.

It seems like the other meters have stopped doing that and it is a good way to test it out before changing my perscription. As for the case comments everyone has been making… it is not the greatest. It is designed to fit the items that came with the meter. In fact, I like the fact that the case is so small. I carry a bag sort of like a briefcase and smaller is better.

Some other people here have commented on some of the meter functions, like the fact that you have to enter before meal or after meal before you get your results. You can turn these functions off. It is very customizable and I find it quite nice. If I take a test on my right hand, I have to turn the meter upside down to put the blood in the strip, but then I just turn it around again, no big deal.

The only gripe I have about this meter is about the lancing device. I did not like it.

My Thoughts On The New CONTOUR NEXT LINK Meter

So, being a typical diabetic, I just use one of my old ones. The built-in USB is awesome. No more searching around for cables to connect to the computer. This also is how it charges the battery. I test about 7 times a day, and I swear, the battery lasts about two months before it asks to be recharged and would probably go another couple of days after that, but I have never risked it.

Overall, I really like this meter. There are some functions people may not like, but most of those can be turned off, or adjusted. Thanks Bayer for making an awesome meter. While I agree on the less than optimal carrying pouch and the overly large strip container I put my strips into a competitors container , I am really irritated about having to confirm sending results to my pump.

My last several meters always sent results to the pump without needing any confirmation. Greg, thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with your blood glucose meter. First of all, as someone who travels quite often, the idea of a meter requiring access to an outlet or computer for functionality is concerning. However, with the Next Link, I will probably be buying a secondary battery-powered meter to take this concern out of the equation.

You can also feel free to reach out to them at 1. I like the Contour Next Link for its small size, direct usb connectivity for CareLink paired with recharge function, wireless link to my pump, and strip light and bright screen display for night use. The meter is awesome but like many others said, the case is horrible. Way too small. The strip canister needs to be smaller and the part that holds the meter needs to be redesigned. Be better if the meter snapped in like my old meter did. Needs a case that is big enough to hold the charger and cable.

Some place for medical info or owner id would also be nice. The charger is ok. Prefer batteries though. Like when camping. My last meter used batteries and they lasted a long time between changes. Thanks for a great meter but please redesign the case. I love the new meter. Everything about it is an improvement and easy to use. I thought the recharging was going to be a hassle but it gives you plenty of warning to recharge.

And yes, the lancet device did not work for me either — it broke within a few days. Not a problem I have several others that work just fine. I have not been able to find a case that fit my needs. I have had diabetes for over 50 years so this may be a small detail for you but convience for me is a must. As a guy I dont have a purse our pouch to carr stuff in so smaller is better pocket size.

This case really ahs too much wasted space. Also, the lancet device is not as nice as my old one, so I still use it. I have wasted several strip because of this. Agree, the cases for all their meters were obviously not tested by diabetics, and the strip container bottle is huge.

I just started using the Contour Next meter. I just read thru the comments added over the past months and I agree! I see it is being shared with Bayer but I have not yet seen one response that Bayer is addressing any of these concerns. It would be nice to hear that something is in the works to address these repeated concerns.

This one is really better than any of the others certainly because it links to my pump. Yes, the strips container is much too large…how can someone develop this entire system with all these accesories and not figure out that the pouch is too small and the container is too big? What would really make this meter fantastic is actually getting actual time instead of a 12 minute delay. Mike and Jill, we have reached out to our partners at Bayer with your request and we thank you for the feedback.

I too hate the case it comes with, we modified the case from my daughters Accucheck Aviva with a needle, thread and a few stitches so the elastic will securely hold the link meter and it works perfectly. I too just got the Bayer Next meter with my new Medtronic G and have the same complaints with the size of the strip canister and the case. So what I did was take the strips out of the container and put them in the zipper pouch.

FYI: I called Bayer and voiced my concern about the case and the rep informed me that they were going to ship me a free gift, one of them being a new improved case. I have no idea if it will be better but in the meantime I will keep the strips in the pouch and will do my best to get used to all of the new features. Switching to a pump after 25 years of insulin injections can be stressful. I worry about human error, I need to have confidence in the manufacturer of my pump and the meter which communicates with it.

It all seems pretty high tech. Jonathan, thank you for your feedback. We take all of our customer feedback seriously, and have shared it with our colleagues at Bayer. Your safety is our number one priority, and we are confident in the reliability of our insulin pump and its ability to deliver safe and effective therapy for those who need it. We currently use another meter and absolutely love it! The vial does not need to be so huge to hold the test strips. I would also like it to have a battery option and not just a charger.

The holder for the meter is made of vinyl which probably contains phthalates. It needs a little help in the design dept. Customers need to demand more from manufacturers and not just use the newest thing on the market. If we want better products we need to speak with our dollars and let manufacturers know what we expect. All these supplies are very expensive and I expect a little more.

Support companies who listen to their consumers and design products to improve the lives of their consumers not just make money off them. Darla, thank you for your feedback.

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Your voice is very important to us, and I will be sure to pass along your feedback to our colleagues at Bayer. You can also reach out to them directly at 1. I have been using the contour next link meter for the past year and love it. I like that it it can plug into my laptop to be recharged, the size is nice and overall function and use is easy, and it links to my insulin pump.

I used to have a one touch ultra meter from medtronic and was initially resistant to switching over to the next link meter. Been trying to replace the case that came with my meter larger size and has a plastic clip in the case to hold the meter , but nobody in their customer service department seems to understand what I am looking for. Their customer service reps lack knowledge on the products they have hence the two cases I recieved so far that are smaller and difficult to zip with everything I carry in the case.

After purchasing the smaller grey case online, I called to see if they had the larger case available. They said they did and sent me a free replacement which turned out to be another grey case. Been trying to return both and get the correct case. Was told today said person would call me tomorrow. In short, the meter is great, the case they sell online is too small and customer service sucks. Interesting to read the posts and see that not much has changed with this meter over the years of these posts. I changed to this meter when Medtronic switched the meters that automatically send glucose results to the MiniMed insulin pump.

As many have mentioned, the case is poorly designed, too small, not very functional, the test strip bottle way too big for the case. The backlight is nice but too dim at night. The display is difficult to read in bright sunlight. I get results that say brand new test strips are used and thus I need to repeat the test on a fairly consistent basis.

I just wish it were user friendly. I encourage Bayer to work with real diabetics to improve the design and usability. Just charged the new meter. The meter seems okay but the case is the pits. I see others dont like that either. I will have to put the strips in something else to use the case. Where are the brains of this company. I will pass your feedback onto our colleagues at Bayer, and also recommend contacting Bayer support directly at 1.

The case sucks. Useful cases for diabetics are still impossible to purchase, so the manufacturers really need to put some effort in on this front. Bayer failed. So, just talked to tech service. Otherwise, yes, it gives me good BG readings. Of course, that tech was solved 25 years ago. Sorry to sound so pessimistic. Too bad the partnership with Medtronic created strips that are losing coverage left and right.

Next time, hopefully Medtronic takes the long term view, sees that the strip business is basically a commodity, and that giving the interface an exclusive to one manufacturer was just stupid. They should have made it available to ALL manufacturers.

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Because the clinical benefit is no better with this meter, big insurers like UnitedHealth are dropping them. No wonder insurers are dropping it. Bayer Contour test strips are sold in packages of 50 strips. These packages are often sold on eBay in groups of two, three, four, five, six, eight, or even 12 at a time. In some cases, there are eBay listings that include a Contour blood glucose meter, a Contour Next ONE blood glucose meter, or packages of diabetic blood lancets to go with the Bayer Contour test strips. With such a wide range of choices, you can choose the quantity, combination of products, and listing that is most convenient for you.

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