Racc reaches deals with labor unions

The three-year Portland Building renovation project has kept collections staff busy this summer and fall. In this collaboration between RACC and Open Signal brought everything from interactive virtual reality experiences created by Stephanie Mendoza to tabletop dioramas made by Laura Heit who created a universe of Hypothetical Stars. Artist purchases and commissions in A total of grants were awarded to organizations and individual artists through five distinct grant programs.

Meet Samiya and Rene. In , RACC made some big changes to the Project Grant program and will start accepting applications three times a year instead of one. Our work would not be possible without the extraordinary contributions of cash and in-kind goods and services that we receive from individuals, businesses, foundations and government agencies. We are incredibly grateful for your support! Right Brain Donor List.

Work for Art Donor List. RACC collaborates with dozens of other community organizations and national affiliates to enrich our communities through arts and culture. Guidelines and applications racc. Donate now. Welcome We knew that would be an interesting and challenging year for our community and our country. Our mission: To enrich our communities through arts and culture. Our values: We value freedom of artistic and cultural expression as a fundamental human right.

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We value a diversity of artistic and cultural experiences. We value a community in which everyone can participate in arts and culture.

RACC 2013 Annual Report

We value a community that celebrates and supports its artists, and its arts and cultural organizations. We value arts and culture as key elements in creating desirable places to live, work and visit. Equity in Action Everyone deserves access to culture and the arts. How are we doing? Lacis - Reading Eagle correspondent. Trending Stories. Letter: Stop accommodating Spanish speakers. A soon-to-open farm near Elverson will allow clients to find tranquility and healing in nature. Max Hurleman, Wyomissing's all-purpose senior, will fuel the team's offense Statue of Liberty poem is about Europeans, top Trump official says.

West Reading mom gets probation for leaving 4-year-old daughter home alone while she spent the night at boyfriend's. Cumru Township man visits the ruins of hotels, inns and taverns that once graced Neversink Mountain. Mifflin apartment complexes. Berks detectives are looking into how a deputy sheriff accidentally shot himself in the leg. She also worked on frames for Ford Fs, Toyota and Chevy. In another position, Mademann worked on the Limerick power plant near Pottstown.

As an employee at Arrow International, she was one of the lead prototype designers on a medical implant device used on former Vice President Dick Cheney after multiple heart attacks. As she worked at companies through the years, Mademann always had a familiar home as a custom cabinet and woodwork designer at Interior Environments. The owner is a friend of her mom. Regardless of her job, Mademann always prided herself on accuracy and details. As a student at Governor Mifflin in the s, she dreamed of being an artist. And, I really liked math. Soon, Mademann hopes to have a new job and enjoy watching her young grandson grow up right here in her hometown.

Maybe not exactly a spaceship, but Arentz did spend three days at NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration working with other community college students to build a robotic rover that could travel to space. He was one of 48 students chosen from across the country to participate in the National Community College Aerospace Scholars program.

I thought if I want to teach someday, then this would be a good experience to share with my students. Then it got hard. I used Google SketchUp for my design. As part of the presentation, the group was required to design and build a functioning rover that had. Another key was designing the rover to be as versatile as possible with as few parts as possible to keep the cost down. The group worked within budget constraints and used a catalog to track the prices of the various parts.

It was three long days, and we would work until 9 at night. He started taking classes at RACC in the summer of after spending several years working as an electrician. After a few years, Arentz decided he wanted a more personally fulfilling career, and since he always enjoyed science, he opted to enroll at RACC and get started. Then, after hearing some friends of mine complain about their professors at other colleges, I am reminded of how glad I am that I spent my first two years here.

All of my professors have been friendly, knowledgeable and excellent teachers. Bertoldi was one of 40 international students — just four from the U. This trip gave him the opportunity to combine both business and education into a once-in-alifetime experience. Above: Castle ruins in Heidelberg Right: Heidelberg town square packed with people during a fall festival. The statement echoed through the room to the ears of my now much more interested parents. I had known for a week now that I was chosen as the next recipient of the Danzer Foundation Scholarship, an award that would take both me and my educational path to Europe for a semester to study International Business at Reutlingen University, the top Hochshule focused-study University in all of Germany.

The anxiety was building; I had never lived outside of the small, comfortable confines of my home in Berks County, a town and state settled heavily by Germanic tribes in the early parts of the migration to America.

A year prior she had piqued my interest in this wonderfully beneficial scholarship program, but at the time I found myself overwhelmed with school, work and decisions that forced me to forego applying for a chance at international travel. I would be one of a number of applicants among all the local colleges, one of a number of equally eager and interested business pupils, but as my luck would have it I would be the one that would be chosen to undergo an amazing, life-changing experience that would not just make me more aware of my own heritage and educational capacity, but would also give my life a fire and depth that I could have never imagined for myself.

In foresight, I knew that I would essentially be a blind man walking into the unknown. This would not yet be the end of my surprise, however. A month after learning of my acceptance into this esteemed program, I found myself presented with a new additional opportunity to supplement my already overwhelming travel plan.

While already an English as a Second Language ESL teacher in a kindergarten classroom in Reading, I had learned very quickly that a language barrier could make or break both the teacher and the children and could lead to distrust and insecurity in a setting where both are extremely acidic to any type of learning process. So, with little reluctance and rolling with the tide of positivity that had already presented itself and begun growing, I decided that I would embrace the opportunity and go to Burzelbach with the best of intentions.

Hoping that while lost-in-translation I would find a way to make a connection, with the little bit of German that I had already listened to, absorbed and taught myself. Summer would, as I soon found out, arrive and evaporate just as quickly as the morning dew and Aug. At the airport I was met by Petra, an employee of the city and a great help. In the coming months, she would be my personal tour guide and a wonderful source of information. She would take me to Betzingen where I was offered a free stay while working at the camp. I was amazed almost immediately by not only the cleanliness of the city streets and surrounding areas, but by the overall beauty and picturesque surroundings.

I was reminded over the next few months of my stay, almost daily, that the Germans were overwhelmingly helpful, even to a struggling Deutsche speaker like me. I also found that much like Berks County; here mountains and sprawling acres of organic farmland met historical city limits without a hitch. The lifestyle was, visually active to say the least, where bus routes and efficient speedy public transportation ran on minute cycles every day.

A common sight in the mornings, Bosch, Porsche, and other leading world corporate headquarters were fronted with large, covered, filled, parking lots holding two hundred-plus bikes ridden daily to work by all employees regardless of age.

Some of what I had imagined, and so much more, it was truly amazing how this society, and all of its citizens had advanced to such a high level of environmental and civil awareness and how it was visible through everything that they did. My time well spent would make me continually more in-tune to what Germany was all about. This was an industrially booming place that needs to fill 2 million jobs in the next five to eight years, and has arguably one of the best healthcare and business policies in the entire world.

Led by the Dean of the college and head of the business department, Baldur Veit, I would find myself weekly on Mercedes tour buses taking us to our next excursion. This was a type of hands-on, visually. An educational system that proved to make for much better students and civilians alike, a better educated and more individually responsible people, it became commonplace to see 6- and 7-year-old children take the public bus daily to school through multiple stops without a parent in sight.

Just one more aspect of a country that I would soon find lent to my desire to return. Most importantly though, I learned through this who I truly am and what I am capable of. I learned that the world is an amazingly large place and that it would benefit all of us to take the time to venture into the unknown, into a place where you are forced to conform. In February, I will continue my journey into the dark when I begin my six-month internship with Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart, an opportunity that I hope will open future doors for me in business and will fuel my desire to continue my education at Columbia University next fall.

I used to be afraid to speak English with other people, but not anymore. Like many RACC students, her path to success met more than a few obstacles in her 36 years. Born in Puerto Rico as the third of eight children, Ruiz knew minimal English when she arrived in Reading in After a year of life together, they married in Ruiz knew that if she was going to stay in Reading and raise her family, she needed to learn English. She started with free ESL classes offered at RACC and worked her way up to the more advanced credit classes, advancing toward a degree.

They gave us more time to pronounce the words.

Reading Area Community College reaches deals with labor unions

The pronunciation was a challenge for me, but our instructor gave us an opportunity to pronounce correctly. She was so patient and kind with us and gave us confidence. With her renewed spirit, Ruiz started working toward an associate degree in computers. Ruiz said she keeps in touch with her ESL instructors and offers her help for any students who need extra support. Her advice for those students is to always be positive. Ruiz is already serving as a role model to her younger brother, now 25, who also moved to Reading from Puerto Rico.

She said she became closer with her younger brothers after her mother passed away when they were young. Along with her younger siblings, Ruiz also aims to inspire her four children to make difference. Ranging in age from 11 to 16, they are well aware of the national attention that their new home is receiving because of its poverty.

Ruiz is active in parent. I spend all my time on my children and my studies, but I still try to give something back to the community. People can make a difference. After seeing her grades slip and being unable to concentrate, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She spent four months taking care of herself before returning to school.

About RACC

Ruiz credits the Disability Services staff for helping her succeed in the classroom. Ballet Hispanico creates a new style of concert dance, fusing Latin dance with classic and contemporary techniques, and propelling theatricality and passion in every move. Founded in by Tina Ramirez, the New York-based company is now under the direction of Eduardo Vilaro, who continues the tradition of supporting new and old masters of contemporary dance and exploring the diverse voice of Latin culture.

In continuing with our mission of community engagement, members of the troupe will hold a master class for local dancers.

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With a Canadian Folk Music Award, a Juno nomination, and a much-anticipated follow-up to their live album and special, Girls from the North Country, debuting in June, Dala is a group on the rise; this is a performance not to be missed. Musicians, singers, dancers, and state-of-the-art multi-media are weaved together with the Fritz Lang science fiction film classic Metropolis in a thrilling retelling of this masterpiece of German Expressionism. The Miller Center for the Arts also presents a series of family shows each season. The Scottish production company, known for producing quality programs for audiences young and old, brings us a touring show about the masked champion ricocheting from one sticky situation to another in a world where adventure is the name and justice is the game, on Saturday, April Celebrate the return of spring with Exploring Costa Rica.

Visit the Miller Center website for a full listing of events and to purchase tickets: www. At left: Collage of featured Miller Center performances. Her next job was with Genesis Healthcare, working in the kitchen at a nursing home. This, she said, first sparked her interest in nursing and working with older patients.

The class ran three weeks and included clinical experience at a long-term care facility for her and her 15 classmates. While Stoudt was enjoying her new position, the years passed and her co-workers started to ask about her future plans. Sitting through orientation and the ensuing program overview was overwhelming, and she remembered wondering if she was in over her head. Despite being intimidated that first day, Stoudt persevered and graduated from the program this past December.

RACC Annual Report

It is fast-paced and in order to keep up, it requires dedication. Clungeon Award, which is bestowed upon a Certified Nursing Assistant who is furthering their education to become an LPN and plans to focus their career in geriatric nursing. Jennifer Tim was also honored with the award. In her spare time, she is preparing to take the Practical Nursing board exams. This fall, she would like to start taking classes to earn an associate degree in Nursing to qualify her as a Registered Nurse.

I think I was lucky to find my place and to be happy in the field I work in. I would say that job working in the kitchen opened my eyes to what I really wanted to do with my life. While most of us were enjoying the last few weeks of summer, Amelia Capotosta, Ed. Capotosta, Chairperson of the Health Professions Division, traveled with an independent faith-based group for a mission trip to the newly- formed country.

Our vision: