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Free Spirit has never been hesitant to reprint their fabric multiple times in the months after the initial release -- I think that they will probably have to reprint it a few times and that eventually everyone will get some. It's not like there is going going to be the initial print run and then it will be gone -- I don't think anyone is going to miss out though they may have to wait a few weeks for more printings. That would be bad for them in the end likely - we're about to have a flood in supply, which WILL crash the resell price, and who knows how much Free Spirit will print until its retired again - it could tie up money for a long time with no guarantee it will ever pay out ex: they could print enough we all buy a ton and even then some left over in stashes since we all wanted to make sure we dont run out, so there could not be a craze again on the other side.

They would be much better off using that money for other OOP fabrics at this point. I've seen the fabric in person today. For those in Sydney - Material Obsession has it. MO bought two bolts of some prints, but it is skipping away a little quickly. Hawthorne threads is now accepting pre-orders, on yardage and pre-cuts!

Grey Bouquets sold out while I was trying to place my order! Yeah, it sold out within 30 minutes of six's post! Hi Everyone! My name is Marcia I missed out on FMF when it first came out and couldn't afford the prices that were being asked. Yay and thanks! I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed that there's no reprint of Bouquet in green. Hawthorne Threads has started a second round of pre-ordering.

Many of the prints are already sold out, but last I checked, there were still some fq bundles. Spoke to Lauren at Sew Modern yesterday and she will have the full line in her store: shop. It's available for pre-order at www. They'll have the entire line in the shop. Great ladies, so much inspiration - I cant wait to see what samples are made from these great fabrics. Check them out: www. Just a note to let you know that although I'm done preordering for Pink Castle Fabrics I will have extra to sell on my site when it arrives : I know that they will be reprinting this line as well : 91 months ago permalink.

There is a rumor that FMF is already hitting shops! I was able to control myself online but I'm afraid that if I walk into a store and see it I'll buy bolts. Someone just posted a photo of the bolts at her local LQS!! I got my first one last Fri. I ordered twice. Once from the first presale and once from the reorders so I am still expecting one package from them later this month. Did you order from the original presale? Originally posted 90 months ago. I got my presale items from Del Rey and a notice mine is being shipped from Hawthorne Threads.

I'm not sure when I'll get my other presale order. I did not order from quilthome. I received an order from Hawthorne as well so I emailed quilthome and they said they weren't supposed to receive their second order which is where my order fell until the end of the month, however, they just got it yesterday so they are cutting and the orders that fell in their second order with freespirit should ship today or tomorrow!

FQ bundles of FMF is on order with www. The owner is taking preorders now. I would definitely order with her on line. Anyone else still waiting for Del Ray? I ordered from Pink Castle Fabrics and am waiting for my order. I think Free Spirit messed up on shipments to the quilt shops and shorted their fabric orders.

I am still waiting for mine from Pink Castle. Will give it until the end of the month When I was in a fabric co-op, the leader who did the ordering said she never got the right amounts of fabric from the manufacturers. She was selling to us by the bolt and then the bolt would come and be short. Or they would skip sending several bolts. I ended up asking for a refund and have had to scramble on Etsy now to buy whatever is available. Its really a shame I'm still waiting for mine too There is still a good selection at Quilt Home. Country Fabrics and Quilting has the entire line in the shop.

Don't forget to use coupon codes are F. So happy to have snagged a small bit Can't wait for them. I can't wait til the get here! I just drew out a rainbow of FMF summer dresses for my girl. At fabric. Unfortunately they've sold out of some of the favorites but there is still a lot left. Also, it looks like their shipping time has improved as I got a shipping notice and UPS tracking less than 24 hours after I placed my order.

From Fabric. Coupon Code must be used at time of purchase and cannot be used on previously placed orders. Coupon excludes sewing or embroidery machines. Coupon expires on Monday I used amzn20 I think It worked! I asked again a few days ago and have yet to receive an answer. This has been such a frustrating experience for all involved.

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I preordered in January, paid in February and was told early April by a different seller. I still do not have my order. I've also heard that the next shipment will not be getting to these sellers until May or June at the earliest, though they are telling us early now it's mid-April April. I honestly don't know what to believe and I don't know that the sellers are getting the full story from Free Spirit at all. The seller that I used has had to call them repeatedly.

Jen, I know a lot of shops are pretty irritated with Free Spirit. I was told my second shipment would be in by the end of last month and I'm not getting it until next week. Like none at all of 5 prints and I ordered it long before most shops did so I know that they will be after me in line. Most of us were told when we ordered that it would all be in on the first shipment but they severely underestimated the demand! Brenda, that's good to hear that Free Spirit is finally being upfront about the issues I've heard from many sellers that this has not been the case throughout the process.

One seller that I spoke with for a special order said that though she ordered months ago, and expected to have fmf for late to mid march, her new date is a July date with the new reprint. I think that lack of communication or incomplete information makes it worse. I'd be glad to share some of my order with you. Which prints are you looking for? Originally posted 89 months ago. The Intrepid Thread has 13 of the prints in stock.

Emily, thanks for thinking of me, you guys are awesome. I scopped up some from here and there! I was searching for FMF on Etsy and still found bundles available at thespincycle and there also seems to be a bunch of new yardage popping up online again Thanks for the heads up on Hawthorne Threads.

I ended up ordering everything I needed and canceled my order from another shop. Which by the way said 'other shop' never even gave me an update as to how long it will take to get my fabric, and I ordered it beginning Feb. Also Hawthorne Threads was recently restocked with some of the harder to find prints. I just love Vintage Modern. Wouldn't that make the cutest quilt?? Thanks for the giveaway. I would some Flea Market Fancy fabric, or some Summersville! I could make an adorable dress for my daughter with flying free dandelion print.

I'm already on the mailing list for Intrepid Thread. Thanks for the fantastic Quilt Blocks giveaway! Hint hint Can't wait to receive my first newsletter.

Would love some Cocoon Rubywine. I signed up for The Intrepid Thread newsletter. I have been following them on Facebook for some time now and love their materials! Thanks for a great giveaway Love your blog!! Summersville has been on my mind big time, a nice bundle would be heaven. Love the Quilt blocks line, would be a fine present! Thanks for the giveaway! I would like the Summersville fat quarter collection for Mother's Day.

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Or anything from there, really ;. How beautiful! Coupon 💵 tilda Coupons & Promo Codes

I already subscrbe to the Intrepid Thread newsletter. Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!! I would love some of the Summerville or of the million other gorgeous fabics I wouldn't say no to more Chevrons. Or quilt blocks either, for that matter Well, I'm not a mom but I am an Aunt that helps out with her nephews at least once a week.

I am totally loving Flying Free and Lucy's Crab Shack and can see using that to make something special for my mom and sister. Found beautiful cocoon liv in coral - would love to have some to make a bag - yumo! Also signed up for your newsletter - and really enjoyed the tutorial on the invisable zipper - going to try to print out for my library I would adore the Cocoon Fat Quarter bundle, the whole collection..

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I would like to be on your mailing list - I'm a friend of The Intrepid Thread on facebook. Thanks for the giveaway -- I would love anything from the Spectrum or Marine collections. My name is Sheila and I am a fabricoholic! I would love to receive a Rhapsodia bundle in the Sweet Journey colorway. My favorite fabric at the moment on their site is pearl bracelet in light orange. When you are drawn to something you just have to let that feeling have its way. And I was drawn to "Hello, Pilgrim". I just kept coming back to it.

And I follow my instincts. The give away fabric is great!! I would also love to get my hands on the Cloud 9 Alegria or the Kona solids bundle. I'd love Summerville and of course this bundle that you are giving away. It is perfect! I would love some of the Summerville fabric, especially the black and white stack. I am no good at coordinating prints together, so bundles make me very happy!

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But I wouldn't mind it if I got a bundle of Cocoon in Rubywine. Summersville is one of my all time favorites! And I signed up for the newsletter! I love the colours of the bundles, but as long as it is pretty material I would be happy. Since I already bought Cocoon for myself for mother's day, then I would have to say the Summersville Fat Quarter Bundle of the entire line.

I just LOVE it! I'd love some Rhapsodia. Or Pezzy prints. Or Rily Blake Chevrons. Who am I kidding? I'm a fabric addict. I love them all! I'm really liking the aquas and greens in the Picadilly Market and the Rhapsodia lines. They'd be fun to play with together. I want the Hanauma Bay half-yard bundle I'd love to have some of those Chevrons I am drooling over them! Thanks for the giveaway-- you'll make someone very very happy! They're adorable! Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I just love hearing from you!! Have a Happy Quilting Day : Melissa.

About Me. It's almost Mother's Day. Yippee Skippee!!! I love Mother's Day!!! For starters I get to sleep in. Then my beautiful children toddle in singing me a Mother's Day song with Breakfast in bed and lots of beautiful homemade presents and cards. Love em!!! And then if I have managed to get hint just right I might get a special little package. Maybe some of this.

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