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He Took His HEAVILY Modified Mustang GT to CarMax For an Appraisal! (You'll NEVER Guess!)

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Theft History Reported 0. Fleet e. Hide vehicles without photos 0. Fuel Economy. Same with tires. I've always owned new cars, this is my first used car but had realistic expectations, most people do not. I've never had issues with service either, although my Mini with now 94, has had only wear and tear issues that I am responsible for.

Too many consumers think that stores like CarMax or other retail stores owe them something more than they do. In my experience with others who own used cars from CarMax vs other dealerships CarMax service goes out of its way to work with the customer to the best of their ability.

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I do think that sometimes service can take longer than people would like or expect which can be frustrating but sometimes it's because if the issue is under factory warranty it has to go to the manufacturer dealer and CarMax has no control over how long that takes. I'm so sick of hearing people complain that their six year old used Mercedes needs to go in for service all the time. Many six year old vehicles, even if bought originally new will need service and things will start to break down.


You have to judge the car based on the year and mileage of the car. Not have false expectations that because you bought a 6 year old Mercedes at CarMax or any other dealerships and it is new to you that it is actually new, because it is not. Ok, so first of all - Reading some of these comments are TOO hilarious! No matter what new age or small of miles, as the first owner or second owner you can NOT predict how they used and took care of that car.

CarMax Kenner

I love how Carmax reconditions their vehicles, upfront with the prices and they offer the Extended Warranty. Come on! No matter a month, 6 months or 6 years! NEVER going to happen unless!

If not, the car is NOT saved! I mean you are grown people! I have been shopping online for the past 6 months for a GMC Yukon XL at multiple websites and have visited dealerships for a test drive. I was a little reluctant when I saw a vehicle that was in my price range with the low mileage that I wanted for sale on Carmax's website because I question where they get their vehicles, reputation, return policy, etc. I must mention that previous to this purchase I did a lot of research, test drove multiple vehicles and made offers at local reputable dealerships, but received the run around treatment and classic used car dealer line of "our vehicles are priced aggressively to sell" with zero flexibility on their overpriced tags overpriced both on Edmunds and KBB.

To say that my patience was at an all time low would be an understatement. So I took the chance and I had the car delivered which took two days longer than originally told which was the only downside to my Carmax experience and scheduled a test drive. The Yukon was fully loaded, had a clean Carfax, had less than 20k miles on it, and had a 36k mile factory warranty.

It was exactly what my wife and I were looking for and the price was very fair and accurate to KBB and Edmunds pricing. After I drove the Yukon, I sat down with the dealer and told him I liked what I saw and wanted to purchase the vehicle at sticker cost but was going to use my own pre-approved bank financing. He said that is fine, took the bank letter I provided him and in an hour I was on my way home with the new vehicle fully detailed. He did briefly mention the Carmax warranty options but I chose not to purchase one because I'd rather utilize a certified GMC dealer warranty which I'm shopping for now and he did not mention it again after I told him I wasn't interested.

This was hands down the best car buying experience I've ever had. No haggling, no pressure, and I was in and out they even ordered me the DVD headsets that were missing. Traditional car dealerships need to take note of my experience, like the Carmax saying goes, "This is how car buying should be! This was just a really good hassle-free car buying experience that needs to be recognized. I've read a lot of Carmax reviews and some were good and some were bad, but majority of the poor ones revolved around dealer service and maintenance which is an area I cannot speak on because I did not purchase their warranty.

Nevertheless, when it is time for me to purchase another vehicle, I am definitely going to Carmax first. This is my second time purchasing through Carmax in Norcross, GA. I must say that both times were smooth sailing. The first time, my cash car had given out on me and I needed a car asap.

My cousin recommended Carmax so I went online, applied, got my approval for the amount I was willing to spend, walked in the store the next day signed paperwork and walked out with my car.

CarMax Laurel Toyota

This second time, that same car was in a wreck and was written off. I knew it would be some time while the insurance company did their part but I applied for the amount I was willing to spend to not be in a rental for too long. Toya at that location worked with me for just about a month while I waited on the GAP insurance to do their part. There was never any pressure. She answered every call, email and text message I sent.

I finally had every thing resolved and texted her the night before to come in and see the cars I had saved online. I went in and she was as amazing in person as she was over the phone. CarMax only guarantees their offer for 7 days — you may have it reappraised and get the same exact number. You might get less. Or, you spent money to get something fixed that was affecting its value.

Second, CarMax prices are not based on kbb, blackbook, or any other online car shopping resource. CarMax sets the offer based on a few factors, including. Mileage: CarMax does not retail cars with over , miles.

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  4. Here's Why CarMax Makes More Money On Used Cars Than Anyone Else.
  5. This means your vehicle will go to wholesale auction, and CarMax generally makes very little on these. In fact, appraisers are judged based on how accurate their offers are read, close to as fair as possible. Too high or too low and they can get in trouble. Same deal as mileage. Automatic wholesale. Additionally, if the demand is low, or if it is a vehicle that tends to sit on the lot for awhile, you will probably get a low ball offer. Remember, CarMax is pulling their info on what a car is worth from their own database.