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Rockstar Games has today released the world premiere gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Like its predecessor, Red Dead Redemption 2 allows players to experience what it was like living in the Wild West. Well, sort of, considering how both games take place when that era in American history is either ending or effectively over. As the trailer demonstrates, players can now build a community of outlaws and folks who choose to live away from modern society.

The game will include base camps players must maintain by bringing in food and supplies. There also appears to be a social aspect to camps.

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Outside of camps, players can engage in all manner of activities including hunting, fishing, fighting, duels, and more. I pray thee, come and lay thy hands on her, that she may be healed; and she shall live. The father was in great distress, for his child had been given up to die by the most learned physicians. Jesus at once responded to the entreaty of the stricken parent, and went with him to his home.

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The disciples were surprised at this ready compliance with the request of the haughty ruler. Although it was only a short distance, their progress was very slow; for the people pressed forward on every side eager to see the great Teacher who had created so much excitement, begging his attention and his aid.

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The anxious father urged his way through the crowd, fearful of being too late. But Jesus, pitying the people, and deploring their spiritual darkness and physical maladies, stopped now and then to minister to their wants.

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Occasionally he was nearly carried off his feet by the surging masses. There was one poor woman among that crowd who had suffered twelve long years with a disease that made her life a burden. She had spent all her substance upon physicians and remedies, seeking to cure her grievous malady. But it was all in vain; she was pronounced incurable, and given up to die. But her hopes revived when she heard of the wonderful cures effected by Jesus. She believed that if she could come into his presence, he would take pity on her and heal her.

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Suffering with pain and weakness, she came to the sea-side where he was teaching, and sought to press through the crowd that encompassed him. But her way was continually hedged up by the throng. She began to despair of approaching him, when Jesus, in urging his way through the multitude, came within her reach.

The golden opportunity had come, she was in the presence of the great Physician! But amid the confusion, she could not be heard by him nor catch more than a passing glimpse of his figure. Fearful of losing the one chance of relief from her illness, she pressed forward, saying to herself, If I but touch his garment I shall be cured.

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She seized the opportunity as he was passing, and reached forward, barely touching the hem of his garment. But in that moment she felt herself healed of her disease. Instantly health and strength took the place of feebleness and pain. She had concentrated all the faith of her life in that one touch that made her whole. With a thankful heart she then sought unobtrusively to retire from the crowd; but suddenly Jesus stopped, and all the people, following his example, also halted.

Jostled upon all sides, and rudely pressed hither and thither as he was, it seemed indeed a singular inquiry. He well knew all the circumstances of the case, and would not pass such confidence and trust without comment. He would address to the humble woman words of comfort that would be to her a well-spring of joy. Looking toward the woman, Jesus still insisted upon knowing who had touched him.

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Finding concealment vain, she came forward tremblingly and knelt at his feet. In hearing of all the multitude, she told Jesus the simple story of her long and tedious suffering, and the instant relief that she had experienced in touching the border of his garment. Her narration was interrupted by her grateful tears as she experienced the joy of perfect health, which had been a stranger to her for twelve weary years. Thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.

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The true faith of the Christian is represented in this woman. It is not essential to the exercise of faith that the feelings should be wrought up to a high pitch of excitement; neither is it necessary, in order to gain the hearing of the Lord, that our petitions should be noisy, or attended with physical exercise. It is true that Satan frequently creates in the heart of the suppliant such a conflict with doubt and temptation that strong cries and tears are involuntarily forced from him; and it is also true that the penitent's sense of guilt is sometimes so great that a repentance commensurate with his sin causes him to experience an agony that finds vent in cries and groans, which the compassionate Saviour hears with pity.

But Jesus does not fail to answer the silent prayer of faith. He who simply takes God at his word, and reaches out to connect himself with the Saviour, will receive his blessing in return. Faith is simple in its operation and powerful in its results.