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Apply glue to bottom cm of smallest petal and attach around the centre. Continue to attach petals from smallest to largest. After the first round of petals is attached. Second round of petals. Third round of petals. Fourth round of petals. Apply half of the petal cut from template piece 6 for round 5.

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Apply final round of petals at positions that are offset from the petals in round 5. The cut out pieces. Apply glue to the bottom 2 cm of each sepal and attach them at the base of the flower where the stem wire and petals meet. The attached sepals. The configuration of the pieces. Glue the leaf stem to the bottom of one of the leaf halves. Apply a line of glue along the edge of the leaf half.

Place the other half on top and press them together. Apply glue to the end of a stem covering strip and attach it to the base of the flower angled downwards. Here is how you could work the deal:. Here is how you could work that deal:. Head to Coupons. Head to Starbucks to check out the sale! After having my second child, I really began struggling with my weight. Unfortunately, I took to yo-yo dieting. My wake-up call?

Was a photo of me and my family taken at Easter. If I was being honest, I had started to avoid mirrors and photos. I decided it was time to get real, and I weighed myself.

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I was shocked to see I was While it might not seem terrible to some, for me, it was as I have been pretty fit up until having kids. Just a year prior, I was about pounds less than that. I knew that I needed to stop the bleeding or that number would only grow.

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It was time to get serious about losing weight and more importantly, develop a healthy relationship with food. This time, I wanted to do things different. I started with the end in mind. I also made another important decision: no weight loss products or programs. I wanted to prove not only to myself, but to my readers here, that you do NOT need overpriced supplements or weight loss shakes or programs!

I also did not work with a personal trainer or anything special. And today, I weigh pounds!

I have lost 32 pounds doing exactly the things I set out to do above. On Thanksgiving Day, I clocked a 5K and it was hilly, too! I actually crave going to the gym. And I still get to enjoy delicious, homemade foods. I truly enjoy my new lifestyle and my new size 6 jeans!

Before starting the New Year, I always like going back and seeing which posts and deals were the most popular, the most shared and read. This information is always useful to me as I plan my content and direction for the year ahead. Can you believe in The Coupon Project had 2. Here are some of the posts that got a nice slice of that pageview pie! This year, I ended up finally!

Halfway through my journey, I wrote a post about what I was doing and it seemed to have struck a chord! It received nearly 20, page views and thousands of social shares. And stay tuned. One of my goals for was to write more about Costco. But what to say? After all, there are several prominent bloggers who already track Costco mailer coupon deals, Costco store pricing, and even Costco freezer meal plans.